Monday, 27 August 2012

The Red Hill and the Rains

It is unusual for me to fall asleep during the day. This, it must be understood, is not because I don’t want to, far from it; rather it is due the events of the last three hours. At noon Kay and I were eating in MK restaurant in Big C, Phuket. The food it this establishment is great: roasted red pork, duck, green noodles with garlic and various other niceties. Our gastronomic bliss was abruptly interrupted by a most inopportune phone call from our secretary. She informed us that there was a flood at our offices, which also are contained within the bowels of Ban Rueangsuttapha. We made our way directly to the office to find that more of the red cliff had collapsed, causing a landslide that smashed through the wall. A huge volume of rain water followed suit and, consequently, our relaxing afternoon vapourized in an instant. Two hours followed of wading around in red clay coloured water with a dust pan scooping like a man on a mission. Quite a merry band of helpers lent a hand in the clear up processes, and the compassionate individuals were stoic faced throughout the whole disgusting process. The mess is cleaned up, for now. However, with inky, ominous skies overhead, how much long can the remainder of the red cliff hold?

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