Saturday, 25 August 2012


At present, business is good with enjoyable classes and students growing in confidence and ability. Work doesn’t feel like chore. Having said that, I am realistic about life and how quickly everything can change. Thus, I have learnt not to rest on my laurels. Systems, skills and ideas must be constantly updated and refined to reduce the risk of life taking a nose dive. Any time now, due to the staggering large volume of competition on this island, business could flare up and explode around me like a Christmas cracker.

Very little feel stable these days: the economy, peoples' moods, house prices, and the price of groceries in the supermarket. Everything is fluctuating wildly, uncontrollably. The blissful stability of the 70s and 80s, with its 15% interest rates for savers, has been replaced with a present that is spinning out of control. An uncertain future hangs in the balance, with the likelihood of more hardship to follow for many.

I dream about a day when life shifts down a gear, meandering round the middle course of life, slowing down ever so gradually until the lower reaches where a soft and even pace awaits. Still, easy mornings and afternoons in the shade. Savoring barbequed prawns and fruit cocktails with friends. Coastal drives. A sunset hamburger. Ice cold beer. That is how it is going to be. No sweat, no stress, just a velvety soft traverse down the mountain side of life. The difficult times are going to pass, and when they do I will be the first one to bathe in the glory of the relaxed life and reflect with some pride and poignancy, the days when everything seemed just too much to handle.

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