Wednesday, 22 August 2012


Life in Phuket is frenetic at the moment. Bills, customers, rip-offs, dramas, stoic faced Russians, teachers resembling stand-up comedians, electrocutions, nightclubs ablaze, hissy fits, public displays of ignorance, rampant greed and shameless lack of self respect, petty jealousy, moronic parents, tediously spoilt teenagers, odious workmen, flash cars, painful realizations of unmitigated failure, tears, pressure and unreasonable skunk bag delivery men. Apart from these few minor issues everything is just velvety soft, and I, as a man, am full of teddy bear love for humanity in every shape and form.

It could be worse I suppose. I could be living in Syria, dodging bullets from government loyalists and trying to etch out living selling spices on a rubble strewn thoroughfare; I could be Juilan Assange, hiding shamelessly in my Ecuadorian fox hole, looking like the body double of Bitzer from Hard Times; I could be Gu Kailai off to jail for one of the murkiest crimes in recent history. I am none of these, and for this I am thankful.


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