Monday, 27 August 2012


Kay and I were thinking about travelling again this morning, travelling in Europe, over land from Amsterdam to Bratislava. It would be great to have Kay with me for the ride. I would make it special but without any frills. Who needs frills anyway? Thrills, now those I get; unnecessary extras like four star hotels and spa treatments, they are not for me: overhyped, a retrospective let down.

We would rent a car in Holland, load it to the brim with suitable goodies and point the heaving beast east on the motorway. With the roof down, the warm summer afternoons would be just the ticket. As we hammer down the autobahn our eyes would begin to water and our spirits would dance as if sparkly magic dust was sprinkled from above. Electrified, we would be free, free and easy; we would travel towards the horizon in our topless beast, free from niggling anxieties, eyes focused on the tarmac laid out in front like some malevolent serpent.

I haven’t given up on the Kerouac dream. Moving on without a care in the world and becoming aware of the beauty all around. How great it is to have little to do and plenty of time to do it! Heavenly bliss! If only there was more time to engage in such leisurely pursuits, life would be simple: wake up, eat, read a news paper, decide where to go, pack a suitcase, catch a bus, listen to audio books and admire the scenery, and then arrive in a new place; a place to call home for a few days. Then after cool beers and making new friends, it’s time to say goodbye and repeat the process.

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