Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Live and Learn-Time to Fly

All of a sudden the countdown has begun. Time has flapped it's mysterious wings and once again one is watching the calender on the wall. Days are passing like the TGV on jacked up speed balls and what once seemed like tomorrow, becomes yesterday, and so the haze continues steamrollering along. Realisations like this make one sit comfortably in a comfy armchair and try to take stock of happenings. Its time to slow down, regroup, become mindful. No need to ride on blazing saddles, enjoy what you have, simplicity, enjoy the warm glow of grounded illumination. As Lennon said, 'Life is what happens when you are making other plans,' or somethings to that effect. How perceptive! His statement has beautiful imagery, albeit straight out of a Indian Guru's mantra chant.

A lot has been experienced in this particular period of life, and good chunky, diamonds of knowledge they are too, things that one can take, file away and learn from. Knowledge is indeed power. Power to learn from past mistakes and grow as a person, treading more gingerly along the par carious path of life, applying one's self with greater clarity of thought and action.

Alas, Thailand's sun baked shores are just within reach and I am ready.
Once again-

to sing the tune,
to dance with the language,
to tussle with the culture and,
marvel at gastronomy.


Monday, 29 December 2008


Slievemore the slug, slouches contently, casting sliver tinged shadows
Picture book style,

Her dark seal skin stretched tightly, a sleekness uniform, pristine on the eye,
Cross-roads in bloom,

Sentinel white face attentive, squint-eyed, deciphering intensely,
Skyline calculus,

Imperious skirmisher stands to attention, oozing, colours,
Electric intensity,

Army of yellow units, poised, energised for engagement
Watching, waiting,

Swirling green guards, frenzied, unbalanced in commotion,
Brooding inevitability,

Up turned remains, from a by gone age,
Relics of the past to come.