Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Some Exceptionally Scary Music

This has to go down as some of the scariest music of all time.

Sit down, get settled, and switch this mother as loud as possible.

Make sure you are not of a weak disposition, or this magnificent musical score might just send you over the edge!

Dark images and twisted delusions await.



Anonymous said...

I think I think it... But I can't decide whether it's brilliant, or just completely insane.

mikethepikey said...

I think anyone who has the ability to create such a reaction through music is doing something right.

I like when people break free from the traditional patterns and melodies of music, producing something that challenges the ear; rather than simply massaging it. Scores with unusual time signatures and odd sounds are music too in their own right.

The listener has to open his mind to all sonic vibrations: not just ones he has become accustomed to.

Keep it fresh.