Monday, 4 May 2009

Albums of the Month (April 09)

And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead- Worlds Apart (2005)

- (Rock/Progressive Rock/ Post Hardcore/ Early Emo sound)

This is an album that will stretch your musical limits, as well as tickling the taste buds of the ear. It is a colossus of an album; a massive, sweeping piece of musical maturity from Austin, Texas. At the time of its release some critics lamented the bands demise and denounced the album as a discombobulated mish-mash of pretentious, art-school noodlings - another album that tried a too hard to be 'epic.' I stand in deviant ambivalence to criticism of this album, with two fingers raised firmly in the air; and smirk so belligerent that would make Christopher Hitchens look positively anemic. This is a marvelous album that is highly recommended to all who want a record to play with, not just to listen to. It's vast oceans of musical depth can be quickly navigated, leaving one with a head full of killer hooks and tunes so addictive, that one will be singing in the shower like a true rock star.


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