Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Sharpton / Hitchens Debate - Can Morality Exist Without God?

The Hitch is simply in a different league.



Anonymous said...

I'm an Atheist with a well developed moral compass. I've met many "religious" people with undernourished values. ~Mary

mikethepikey said...

It is nonsense to say that without religion there wold be no morality. I fone looks closely at the bible it is not exactly the most moralistic book ever written. The reader is expected to believe that there is some sort of benevolent dictator up in the sky who watches over their every move, as well as controls every action that they make. This same god was responsible in the bible for genocide/mass murder, subjugation of women, human sacrificeand genital mutilation. This is to name a few of the called moral acts that have taken place in the bible.

Another thing that I can't get my head round is the idea of loving someone that you afraid of. This is what the bible asks people to do: Believe in me, or eternal hell fire awaits you after you die, also you have to believe in me now as I the philanthropic big man in the sky will make your life a misery. This kind of use of fear for control is something not be admired, it is twisted, immoral and manipulative.

Hitchens stated that it's akin to living in North Korea.

"Good men do good acts, evil men do evil acts; but it take religion for a good man to do an evil act."


dave said...

christians seem to think that before jesus we had no marls, but people have had morals since the dawn of time, for some reason something inside us has always known that killing or basically just causeing harm are innately bad but my old man said locks are only for bad people

mikethepikey said...

Which came first, the moral act or the Christian?

emmm.....I wonder.

Look, humans have been around for around 500,000 years, the earth is about 4.5 billion years old, making us a very new addition to the scheme of things. If god exists, lets say he does; a very long time lapsed before he bothered to do anything. Did he just sit on his hand for 4.5 billion years and then suddenly think, "ahhhh yes, humans. What shall I do? I suppose I could send a human to the earth to teach people how things really operate,and then offer him as a human sacrifice.

Why did this god wait so long?

A great story it is - containing any more than bronze age superstition: it is not.


second heaven said...

hahaha mayb he a few bottles of sangsom and weed and just had a major hangover that lasted a really long time, thou christians always remind of this buddha saying

the religion given by buddha, is not in fact buddha religion, which could be said the same as jesus, like when i talk to christians if jesus was alive today i would probably follow him but i could never follow the religion that was invented centuries after he died written by men who didnt even understand him