Sunday, 15 June 2008

Vote Un-Democratic Judas Party

The DUP have showed where their hat lies in the political ring. For DUP MPs Unionism is nothing at all to do with identification with the people of this entire Kingdom or the freedom they enjoy. The very fact they identify with an ideology that calls itself 'Unionism' is at this point in time nothing short of laughable. They have given a firm, two fingered 'fuck you' to the people of the UK, while hiding behind botched top secret issues of national security, using the troubles as an example of their consistent tough stance of terrorism.

The DUP and Lady Sylvia Hermanthe sole UUP MP, who predictably voted with the Brown administration saved Labour's on edge Scotsman from humiliating defeat in a vote that should have brought this government to its knees This is a government that has failed ot listen to the masses and increased the gap between rich and the poor with breathtaking billigerence. Despite this, the DUP saved this floundering Prime Minister and this government to do a deal, which to use their beloved biblical language, did a Judas.

There has rarely been a more stark example of how a political party has lost sight of the wood for the trees. A party that is intent on selling their country out for a short term economic package that brings Britain one step closer to a consumer concentration camp.

Shame on you. All good church goers as well.
Thou shall a sell out bastard.
Yeah right.


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