Thursday, 12 June 2008

Keep repeating.....You are free...Keep repeating....You are free......

Brown got it through - 315 votes for and 306 against.

Big Brother 2008 - the house is now 93,000 square miles in area and has a population of 60,000.

Tyranny in the UK.

Only 9 votes made the difference and they came from the Democratic Unionist Party

who have blatantly bent over for Brown on this historic day of reckoning. Cries of

'you have been bought' were heard round the boiling pot of emotion that was the

British Parliament last night when the results were announced. A smiling and defiant

DUP sat grinning like idiots knowing that the good times would soon roll as a result

of an obvious backdoor deal.

This is a dark day for democracy in Britain, one that saw the dictates of the Magna

Carta dissolved, behind a smoke screen on erroneous and un-provable 'terror'

intelligence. The behaviour of the DUP goes to show how far they are prepared to go

in order to win favour on the mainland. It is vomit inducing to think that they have

the word 'democratic' in their party name, one that should be changed immediately to


This morning when most people woke up and lift their news papers they will not be

confronted with one of the most democratically corrosive decisions of modern time,

their bleary eyes will fix upon a smokescreen story. The front pages are leading

with the government's confidential documents about Al-Quida that were left on a

train. This alleged blunder comes at the very convenient time, diverting public

opinion away from the biggest story of the last 6 months:

The massive leap towards a totalitarian British police state.

Someone tell me where this threat is. Where is it? Its all around we are told.

Does any see it? No. Its an un tangible construct that is being used to keep people

afraid and therefore allow the enforcement of an agenda with Orwellian overtones.

The actions of the DUP and other MPs have made this a day in which for one to talk

about democracy in Britain is not only illusionary, but downright stupid.

It could be time to flee the scene while we still have the chance. Book your tickets

early, there my be big demand.


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