Monday, 16 June 2008

Tough on Crime.....

Tough on crime, rough on criminals

Plans to publicly shame criminals could be on the cards

Tony Blair promised to be tough on crime and tough on the causes of crime. His successor Gordon Brown may be about to out-tough him.

Louise Casey, the former head of the government's Respect unit, has drawn up a series of radical measures to fight crime.

Plans to make people serving community sentences wear visible jackets identifying that they are criminals and the possible publication of posters and websites with pictures of offenders are likely to be the most controversial of the plans.

Alongside the Guardian story on the paper's front page is a picture of people kneeling in orange Guanta´namo-style boiler suits with their hands behind their heads. It sends a shiver down the spine until you realise it relates to a separate article about protests against George Bush in London.

Even if the criminals are more likely to be forced to wear high visibility bibs - according to the Mail - rather than orange boiler suits, the plans are unlikely to go down well with civil liberties' groups still fuming over attempts to extend the period terror suspects can be held without trial.

Extract from Haroon Siddique Guardian News Blog.

Scary stuff I think you will agree. It won't be long until the people not wearing high viz will be the ones standing out. Homogenize, work, consume, watch reality TV and let your leaders take control.

To borrow a phrase from the immortal Bill Hicks,

"I'm sure their motives are pure."

Aghh well, break out the victory gin I suppose.



Gypsy said...

it would be best having corrupt politicians included in the parade...

mikethepikey said...

I agree, but personally I would have them up the front, wearing a big bird costume, getting led to a stage where they would confess their evil ways.


Myeral said...

Do we get the leaders we deserve? If so, we must have done something seriously bad in a previous life.

mikethepikey said...

Perhaps it is a karmic effect from a past life, I don't know. If it is can you think what Bush, Brown, Blair etc must have been up to in their past lives to warrant these circumstances?

I am undecided on that one, but I think the way the world is at the moment is dangerous as it is being shaped by zealots who claim to be acting under instruction from God. Muslim, Christain all lay claim to the absolute truth although there are hundreds of religions out there. Does this mean there are hundreds of Gods too? Are there hundreds of heavens? Imagine spending all your life being a liberal, church going,
clean living, bore and then getting to the pearly gates and discovering that instead of St Peter manning the last great outpost, you have Allah, or any other of the multitude of Gods that have been created down through out the ages. How pissed off would you be? Very I suspect.
"God created man in his own image"
Man created God in his own image. Lets get real here and base what we know on proveable evidence instead of folklore and heresay.


Myeral said...

There is no God but Richard Dawkins. More power to your elbow, mate

mikethepikey said...

as well as sam harris and christopher hitchens as well dont forget.

what do you mean 'more power to your elbow?'