Thursday, 8 January 2009


The thirty spokes unite in the one nave; but it is on the empty space (for the axle) that the wheel depends.Clay is fashioned into vessels; but it is on their empty hollowness, that their use depends. The doors and windows are cut out to form an apartment; but it is on the empty space that it's use depends. Therefore what has a (positive) existence serves for profitable adaption, and what has not that for (actual) usefulness.

Lao Tzu

I love this notion of nothingness being all there is. The nature of the mind, in its pure form being IT. There is nothing more, and only when you settle in this natural resting place can you truly develop and grow. External reality (as we know it) takes us away from the essence of truth, blinding us with sensory desires and tempts us towards the illusion.

The truth then lies not between the lines or in the depths of philosophical discussion, it is simple and access able to all. Its has been called 'grounded luminosity' or likened to the pause between words, or massive emptiness, but one can be sure that resting in the ego less plains of the meditative mind, can help one appreciate how beautiful and simple the moment is.

No past,
Nor future,
No worries,
Nor dreams,

Just now.


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