Saturday, 10 January 2009

The Bloodshed Continues- Gaza

Excerpts from Mary Riddells article in Daily Telegaph, Thursday, January 8, 2009,


'It is time to tell the truth- what Israel is doing in Gaza is wrong.'

She writes:

'This is not simply about security. It is not even just about innocent civilians who have seen their families obliterated and their land, a thin shard of hell, bombed to rubble. It is about humanity itself. As the tanks finally roll out of Gaza, the international community may congratulate itself on finessing the peace. The truth is that Israel has played its game exactly as it chose. If America had demanded a ceasefire sooner, or if the West had threatened embargoes and cried revulsion, then the schoolrooms of Gaza would not be graffiti-painted in its childrens' blood.

'Bring back the politics of denunciation. Yes, Hamas is a vicious neighbour. And yes, the West also has dubious warfare on its conscience. But nothing excuses acts so sickening that, if perpetrated by a less-blessed state, they would be reviled throughout the world as war crimes. Once again, the world has declined to tell Israel, in terms, that it has no divine mandate for destruction.

'The dead of Gaza will be buried soon. Remember them. In this new year, when the innate goodness of the human spirit is held up as the last bulwark against debt, recession, war and adversity, their ghosts should haunt us all’.


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