Friday, 4 April 2008

The Room

The orange glow gives the room a tinge of the orient,

An erect iron butterfly stands tall, laughing towards the magnificent sunset,

Its shadow cast on the wall is not that of a friendly being,

Not pleasant, revealing, animated, possibly living,

Light blast from a lone candle casts up images of hot Moroccan evenings,

Dense cinnamon fills the air full of delight, wafting over the starry lantern,

The evening is full of wonder and energy so intense that it can almost be tasted,

This is an experience. One of those beautiful moments in life, an unforgettable

snapshot of the mind,

A moment of abstract bliss.

So ripe for picking only if we look with both eyes focused,

Sadly we often miss opportunities to enjoy the simple,

We shy away, hide our face from the light, squint in its obvious majesty,

Blinded by the reality of nowness.


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