Saturday, 12 April 2008

Mr. X

An individual who we will call Mr.X was in Bangkok for a mixture of business and

pleasure. The hundreds of temples, labyrinth like shopping malls, perpetual parties

and markets, make the place an essential visit if you have the time, money and

patience to fight off the vomit inducing pollution. Mr.X was meeting a Thai friend for

dinner and whiskey at an undisclosed location. After a typically delicious dinner,

Mr.X and his Thai friend settled down for a heavy drinking. In Thailand this will

involve copious amounts of very low quality gut rot, usually run or whiskey. Later,

both friends were sharing world views and eyeing salacious bar candy. Mr.X sensed

that the night was coming to a close, so suggested a night cap. The Thai friend felt it

would be a plan to go to the local university dorms as there, alcohol was in plentiful

supply. This did not seem like an outlandish idea to Mr.X as his new found friend was

indeed, a student. The two then set off in the direction of the university dorms, leaving

behind two empty bottles of Thai whiskey and most of their inhibitions.

When the motorbike finally weaved his way back to the dorms, the student switched

off the engine and took out a piece of paper. With drunken difficulty he also took out

a pen and wrote something on the paper. He handed the paper to Mr.X. who was

confused by what he saw

The Drunken scrawl read:

1= 5000 3= 2000 5: 1000
2= 3000 4= 1500

Mr.X, swayed in drunken abandon, very perplexed. Why was he being shown a

collection of random numbers? With his mind swirling, he drew a blank. When the

student saw the blank, vacuous stare he explained the situation.

“1000 is 40/45 year olds, 1500= 35/40 year olds, 2000=35/40 lady boys, 3000= 20/30

year olds and 5000=18year olds.”

Mr.X taken aback, but not shocked as he had traveled extensively in Asia, politely

said that he was not interested in prostitutes, and anyway he need not have the money

to fund such a thing. The student seemed slightly befuddled by the response, so took

the paper back and once again scribbled figures down. Like before this was passed,

this time with haste to Mr.X.

This time the paper had a sixth option.

6= 200

Curious Mr.X asked what this further sub division was for and why it was so cheap

compared to the others. The student then said as calm as the night sky,


This is a true story.


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