Thursday, 20 September 2012

Nai Yang Beach, Phuket, Thailand

Nai Yang beach is tucked away in the north west corner of Phuket only a stones throw from the airport. Around half of the beach is fringed by Sirinath National Park which also includes the reef at the north end of the beach. As a consequence there are no shops of any description giving the place a relaxed old fashioned feel. The beach is great for those who like a walk as its golden sands stretch for miles, but unfortunately it is not a place for swimming. The rip tides here are lethal. Sadly many people ignore the red warning flags and perish. Relax, have a beer and relax is my advice.

Here's where Nai Yang is on a map of Phuket:

Being the tail end of the monsoon here in Phuket today, the weather wasn't perfect; however, I took some shots to give you an idea what the place is like.

You can see a plane taking off from the airport, which is meters from the north end of the beach.

A pair of pants stretched over a coat-hanger and placed inside a tire. Why not, I say.

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