Friday, 13 August 2010

Moneyless in Moab

Interweaving philosophical conversations with suelo in his cave and treehouse with colorful footage of his daily activities in town and in nature, MONEYLESS IN MOAB offers an intimate look at a person who embodies a radical alternative to our excessively consumeristic american way of life. The film opens our eyes to the fact that it is indeed possible to live happily without money, and to do so with joy, grace, and dignity, even in a world gone mad with attachment. about suelo Daniel Shellabarger (aka suelo) is a student of world religions and anthropology who is unhappy with the worldwide “money religion” and currently lives without the direct use of money. He likes nature, travel, and tequila—when someone else is buying. He is currently hitchhiking and roaming around the pacific northwest, living in the moment and practicing non-attachment. His blog is a good place to read his reflections as he surfs though this universe.



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