Friday, 21 August 2009


This morning a woke up earlier than usual. After gulping down a coffee and some cake, I could think only of one thing: Music.

The last seven months have been dominated largely by setting up a business, which is now doing very well indeed, and attempting to adjust and assimilate within Thai culture. The former has not been a problem, while the latter does provide one with challenges that are not always simple. These two factors have drained my energy and have soaked up my time, leaving me suffering from what feels like, severe music withdrawal.

Music has always played a very important role in my life, from early childhood experimentation, to formative teenage dabbling in all manner of sounds, then on to where I am now; a twenty eight year old man with a head full of the past, and a yearning for something new in the present.

It is time to find my way again musically; get the ship back on course. Seek out all that is new and inspiring, and let it do its work on my wanton ears. Music has the ability to sooth one’s mind, as well as energize and motivate. There is no time to waste.

I want music back in my life, for good.



Anonymous said...

'Music has the power to form character.' - Aristotle

'What do I like best about music? That it's invisible.' - Saul Williams

'Music is unique among the arts because it operates on the same plane as the unmediated, the given. It belongs to sensation itself, to bodily existence and, for that very reason, it elevates that very existence in a way no other art can match.' - Thomas de Zengotita

Intaki said...

I get this very same feeling about once a week. A craving for music that consumes a good hour or two of time that could be otherwise spent. Which is why I have an Ipod Shuffle Mini or whatever it is, loaded with a new selection of strange and novel tunes.

mikethepikey said...

I could not do without music. It means a lot to me.