Monday, 2 February 2009

Topsy-Turvey Emotions

Nights are sticky and hot in Phuket and sleep can be sporadic. On this occasion my slumber was continually broken by a dog's unremitting wine.

This was not the sound of a large animal, but that of a freak creature, rat like, one of those beasts that people love to hate, and on this occasion I started to twitch.

The piercing screeches continued and images of the thing having its teeth pulled with doggy pliers resonated in my sleep deprived mind. I reasoned with myself and could find no logical conclusion for the drama.

A canine gang rape?

Possibly a messy reprisal from a irascible old flame? What ever it was is was dark and it was uncouth.

My mind it felt,was about to burst at the seems with confusion and consternation.

Before I had time to gather my thoughts into some sort of logical and rational order, the vulgar noises stopped and the air was once again filled with the tribalisms and looped sounds of the insects of the night.

I was left feeling slightly uneasy, on edge, excoriated.

Forty five minutes had passed since the scream has spread sonically like virus making me feel queasy and troubled, and now the episode had vaporised into the stillness of the night air.

All I was left with was a strange feeling deep inside me. The night was playing tricks on me I was sure of it, but the sounds of the night can leave one effected and jittery.


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